Abriendo Caminos, Colombia Project

This was a mini-project conducted after a visit to the rehabilitation clinic, Abriendo Caminos, in Filandia, Colombia.This clinic is the birthplace of a 13 piece orchestra "Chirimia". All members have special needs. Building for Generations recorded their music and they now have CD's for sale. Abriendo Caminos is directed by Edith Cortes and she is a volunteer director. Children receive speech, physical therapy and psychological services.

The 13 members of "Chirimia" receive instruction in traditional Colombian music from a music teacher and have performed at local fairs and events. Building for Generations funded the recording of their music along with a short documentary about the clinic. These CD's are available for sale at the events where they perform. Some have also been sold in the U.S. and money returned to the students. The video has been shown to several program managers in the U.S.. The managers have found the project inspiring and are considering starting similar music groups in their programs for persons with developmental disabilities.