Founder's Message

As the parent of a young adult with special needs, I had the privelege of traveling to the developing world and witnessing the conditions there. The issues remain the same worldwide, that being exclusion from the mainstream and discrimination. It was, however, further exacerbated by extreme poverty and superstition. I understood their challenge and knew their spirit. Out of this, Building for Generations was born.

coryandson.jpgOur organization was founded in 2005 and received non-profit status in November 2006. The organization currently consists of a core volunteer team of ten persons and a Board of Directors. Founder and volunteer, Cory Ybarra, is the mother of a young adult with special needs and has a degree from San Jose State University in Health Science. She also holds a Certificate in Development Program Management from the Monterey Institute for International Studies. She is pictured below with her son, Joaquin Villarreal.

We are welcoming collaboration with other organizations and individuals to enhance our impact and spread of similar projects to rural areas. Please write us at the listed address. Thank you for your support and the HAND UP! It couldn't have been done without you!!!

Building For Generations is a tax exempt charity organization involved in local and global work.

Financial Information

It is the policy of Building for Generations to be integrous in our financial practices and to make your dollars count in meaningful ways. One of our guiding principles is the practice of transparency and for this reason we have posted our yearly financial information for your review. Thank you for putting your money where it matters and your continued trust in us.